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Comtech satellite modems to support United States Air Force program

(9 January 2019 - Comtech EF Data) Comtech EF Data has received a $1.0 million equipment order from a defense contractor. The equipment will be deployed to support a United States Air Force program.

The order specified the DMD1050TS L-Band Satellite Modem Board. The DMD1050TS is Comtech EF Data’s latest generation modem board set targeted at critical government and military applications. The product complies with the widest possible range of U.S. Government and commercial standards and is compatible with the largest number of satellite modems in the industry. It is fully compliant with MIL-STD-188-165A, STANAG 4486 Edition 3 (EBEM), and the IESS–315 commercial standards at data rates up to 37 Mbps. Additionally, the DMD1050TS has successfully completed Phase I of Army Forces Strategic Command (ARSTRAT) WGS certification and is scheduled for final Joint SATCOM Engineering Center (JSEC) evaluation.

The DMD1050TS L-Band Satellite Modem board offers a complete modem with FIPS certified TRANSEC on a compact PCB daughter board. The embedded TRANSEC capability is fully compatible with the TRANSEC capabilities in Comtech EF Data’s DMD2050E and SLM-5650A Satellite Modems. The extensive list of integrated hardware and software options allows the user to integrate the modem on many platforms and provide an upgrade path for future networks. Options may be purchased with the product or easily upgraded in the field through the web browser or terminal port.

“We are honored to support the U.S. Air Force’s program with our latest generation satellite modem board which is ideally suited for at-the-pause, on-the-move, flyaway and integrated satellite terminal applications,” commented Fred Kornberg, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

Comtech EF Data Corp. is a leading supplier of communications equipment with a focus on satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. The high-performance satellite communications ground equipment is deployed globally to support mission-critical and demanding applications for government, mobile backhaul, premium enterprise and mobility. Service providers, satellite operators, governments and commercial users wanting to optimize communications, increase throughput and delight customers, are leveraging the performance and flexibility of the Comtech brand. The solutions are facilitating fixed and mobile networks in 160+ countries and across every ocean.