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ViaLite launches C-band RF over fiber link

(14 February 2019 - ViaLite) ViaLite has launched a new C-Band RF over fiber link. With a C-Band uplink/downlink frequency range of 3.4–7.1 GHz, the link is suitable for use in a wide range of satcom and broadcast applications, as well as some surveillance and weather radar systems.

The link's full frequency range is 500 MHz - 7.5 GHz.

vialite 1

C band OEM Module (courtesy: ViaLite)

By removing the requirement for an up/down converter to convert signals to an IF band, the module reduces deployment costs and complexity. Another benefit is that there is virtually no signal attenuation across the site from the dish to the operations center.

The ViaLiteHD C-Band Link is available either as a rack chassis card or as a new purple OEM module, and comes with a five year warranty as standard.

“The C-Band Link has the highest frequency band of all our RF over fiber links and we anticipate it generating a lot of interest,” said ViaLite Marketing Manager: Natasha Miller.

About ViaLite

  • ViaLite designs and manufactures RF over fiber links/systems, support modules (including an SNMP Monitor & Control module), rack chassis and outdoor enclosures (the ODE range).
  • New products include the ODE-A4 outdoor enclosure and Horizons SNMP.
  • ViaLite products are used in a variety of markets, including: Satcom, Broadcast, Cellular and Network Timing, Telemetry, Maritime, Government, Mining and Public Safety.
  • Customers include: Intelsat, Eutelsat, Telesat, Broadcast Wireless, Vislink Communications, Videosys, Canam, Airbus and Motorola.
  • ViaLite Communications is a division of Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd (PPM). PPM was founded in 1994 and has three further divisions: PPM Power, PPM Test and PPM Systems.