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AsiaSat announces new Director of Business Development and Strategy

(27 February 2018 - AsiaSat) AsiaSat has announced a new appointment in its business development and strategy team, with a focus on formulating strategic directions, business planning and development for the company.

Michael Chan has joined as Director of Business Development and Strategy, tasked with fulfilling the role left by Lara Kwok who was promoted to Vice President of the team earlier this month.

Michael possesses more than 15 years of experience in the TMT sector, where prior to AsiaSat, he was employed by Emperor Motion Pictures as Director of Corporate Development and held senior positions at media as well as investment management companies. Michael started his career in investment banking having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from The Wharton School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the College of Arts and Sciences.

On the new appointment, Andrew Jordan, President and Chief Executive Officer of AsiaSat said, “I am thrilled to have fresh perspective in our business development and strategy team, and with Michael’s invaluable experience to deliver the strategies to grow the company. I look forward to the contribution and value of his future work will bring.”

About AsiaSat

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat), the leading satellite operator in Asia, serves over two-thirds of the world's population with its seven satellites, AsiaSat 3S, AsiaSat 4, AsiaSat 5, AsiaSat 6, AsiaSat 7 and AsiaSat 8, and the new AsiaSat 9. The AsiaSat satellite fleet serves both the broadcast and telecommunications industries. Over 600 television and radio channels are now delivered by the company's satellites offering access to more than 830 million TV households across the Asia-Pacific region. AsiaSat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited, a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1135).