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Astronics AeroSat certifies FliteStream SATCOM connectivity and AeroShield radome systems

(10 April 2018 - Astronics Corporation) Astronics AeroSat has recently received FAA certification of its next generation FliteStream F-310 satellite communications (SATCOM) connectivity system and its new ARINC 791 style AeroShield radome and adapter plate solution.

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Astronics AeroSat FliteStream SATCOM connectivity & AeroShield radome systems are now available for the Boeing B737NG (courtesy: Astronics AeroSat)

According to Matt Harrah, President of Astronics AeroSat, “We are excited to announce the completion of our FAA STC covering the AeroShield low-drag radome and FliteStream F-Series systems on Boeing 737-800/900/900ER aircraft. This initial certification enables Astronics to offer our global customer base a total wireless connectivity hardware solution that includes installation plus all structural, antenna and radome system components.”

With industry-leading technical performance across the globe, including the most highly traveled routes between Asia, the Americas and Europe, Astronics AeroSat’s proven fuselage-mounted antenna systems are ready to improve the passenger connectivity experience.

“This FAA STC, along with the in-process European EASA STC & China CAAC vSTC validations plus the near term A320-family STC, will provide global opportunities for airline operators and passengers to experience the benefits of our FliteStream & AeroShield connectivity solutions,” Harrah continued.

About the FliteStream F-310 Satellite Connectivity System

Astronics AeroSat's FliteStream solutions are the only products available with patented lens-horn technology, which creates the most efficient, reliable and highest-performing SATCOM antenna system available. The FliteStream F-310 integrates next-generation satellite modem technology and is compatible with next generation Ku-band high throughput satellites (HTS), providing maximum internet and data speeds in a single antenna.

Key features include:

  • Seamless connectivity for passengers to browse the internet, send and receive emails, make calls using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), access virtual private network (VPN) services, conduct video conferences, and enjoy favorite work or entertainment applications
  • Most efficient Ku-band SATCOM antenna system, critical for maintaining low angle satellite coverage while flying at higher latitudes, where most flights occur
  • A three-piece LRU system: antenna, antenna controller & modem, and high power transceiver
  • Compliance with RTCA DO-160 and RTCA DO-178

About the AeroShield ARINC 791 Style Radome & Adapter Plate System

Astronics AeroSat's AeroShield radome and adapter plate solution is the only next-generation ARINC 791 style solution that provides optimal Ku-band performance combined with the lowest drag design, while meeting all FAA & EASA bird strike safety requirements.

Key features include:

  • Aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and increase fuel savings
  • FAA & EASA bird strike compliance for large radome installations, to reduce certification time and cost
  • Sealing robustness against fluid intrusion from water, ice, deicing fluids and other environmental conditions
  • Advanced aluminum adapter plate design to minimize total IFC system weight
  • Connectivity systems commonality & interchangeability across entire fleets

Astronics AeroSat keeps people connected no matter where they fly. For over a decade, Astronics AeroSat has provided fuselage- and tail-mounted SATCOM solutions for general aviation, business aviation, commercial transport, VVIP, and military aircraft around the world.

About Astronics Corporation

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ:ATRO) serves the world’s aerospace, defense and semiconductor industries with proven, innovative technology solutions. Astronics works side-by-side with customers, integrating its array of power, connectivity, lighting, structures, interiors, and test technologies to solve complex challenges. For 50 years, Astronics has delivered creative, customer-focused solutions with exceptional responsiveness. Today, global airframe manufacturers, airlines, military branches, completion centers and Fortune 500 manufacturing organizations rely on the collaborative spirit and innovation of Astronics.