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Cloud Constellation Corporation and Assured Communications Advisors International am for DoD cloud services

(15 May 2018 - Cloud Constellation Corporation) Cloud Constellation Corporation and Assured Communications Advisors International (ACAI) announced today they have entered into a reseller agreement to deliver the unique security capabilities of Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS), focusing on government and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.

The DoD established the Cloud Executive Steering Group (CESG) to develop and execute a strategy to accelerate the adoption of cloud architectures and cloud services that will better enable the DoD's global mission and enhance the readiness and effectiveness of our fighting force. The combination of Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt DSaaS and ACAI's managed data center services will provide the DoD with a fully integrated, global service for the storage and delivery of highly sensitive information with the greatest level of security and availability, contributing to CESG's ability to deliver on its mission.

SpaceBelt DSaaS is a patented, scalable, space-based cloud service for securing high-value and highly sensitive data assets by providing data storage in space and global, secure managed network services. SpaceBelt services are isolated from inherently vulnerable global terrestrial networks.

  • A constellation of 12 satellites in low earth orbit (LEO) is networked with a redundant, self-healing optical ring for high availability.
  • The SpaceBelt network communicates with secure access points located at government and military facilities via connectivity with geosynchronous satellites (GEO).
  • Individual cloud storage satellites and constellations can be offered to address an organization's storage and/or sovereignty requirements.

ACAI is a global company that specializes in international telecommunications consulting, sales and operations for both government and commercial clients. ACAI develops and delivers innovative custom solutions that integrate the latest technologies and cloud-based services to address their government and commercial clients' unique mission-critical requirements.

Joel Ogren, President & CEO, ACAI, said: "SpaceBelt DSaaS aligns with the strategy and purpose of CESG's mission, and we envision our customers will recognize the game-changing benefits of isolating mission-critical, highly sensitive data from vulnerable terrestrial networks while maintaining real-time global access."

Dennis R. Gatens, vice president of channel management and marketing, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: "We are proud to be partnering with ACAI to offer our combined services as the DoD recognizes the benefits of cloud services for their mission of an enhanced readiness level, responsiveness and protection of our military personnel and our country."

About Cloud Constellation Corporation

Cloud Constellation Corporation's SpaceBelt is a patented, high-speed global cloud storage network of space-based data centers, each seamlessly interconnected together to provide exclusive and secure cloud infrastructure to service providers, enterprises and governments around the world.

About ACAI

Founded in 2015, ACA International provides strategy, project planning, development, operations and oversight of telecom based critical infrastructure. ACAI recently announced the construction of a new mid-Atlantic Cable Landing Station and Tier III CoLo facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia.