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Expanded satellite network meets boom in demand for yacht connectivity

(31 October 2017 - Marlink) Marlink has added satellite capacity for its yachting customers in the Caribbean and Mediterranean using its High Speed Zones service, ensuring that among others, yachts preparing to head south after this year’s FLIBS have even more access to the highest quality communications services for fast Internet and high quality voice calling.

Marlink’s High Speed Zones in the Caribbean and Mediterranean provide unprecedented levels of bandwidth for the most demanding connectivity applications, such as 4K TV streaming on luxury vessels. The Zones offer the ability to boost Internet speeds on short notice for fixed periods up to 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, without the need to add new hardware on board. They also provide full flexibility for bandwidth requests in the 100 Mbps range, with advanced notice to allow for delivery of new hardware if required.

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The additional High Speed Zones capacity builds on the unique service for luxury vessels, which has been in demand since its launch in November 2016. Extra capacity ensures higher availability and greater redundancy with a new satellite and a new beam joining the Sealink network, ensuring even higher Quality of Service for reliable Internet access and voice calling, and high-end IP applications in the most popular yachting destinations all year round. The newly added capacity increases diversity in Marlink’s network covering the key yachting regions, ensuring that a link is always available and that communication services work seamlessly and problem free.

“Reliable Internet access and voice calling is just as important to safety and comfort on a yacht as on a commercial ship, so we are committed to ensuring high availability of service for our customers in the recreational sector,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “Luxury vessels have high-demands for bandwidth but this may not be continuous due to the seasonal nature of the business, so flexibility in service levels delivered by our High Speed Zones enables better management of ITC spending on board. Being able to boost to 20 Mbps as standard and much higher with additional hardware ensures that High Speed Zones meet the diverse requirements of our luxury vessel customers.”

About the Marlink Group

Through its ownership of Marlink, Telemar and Palantir, Apax Partners has created a new powerful Group dedicated to providing maritime and enterprise customers with an integrated offering of reliable broadband communications, digital solutions, bridge electronics and flexible service & maintenance.

Combining the power of these expert organisations, the Marlink Group delivers complete connectivity and IT solutions to maritime and enterprise companies globally. It provides an unrivalled portfolio of multi-band communication solutions covering Ku-, Ka-, C- and L-band services extended with mobile and terrestrial links and an industry-unique range of digital solutions. Telemar, as part of the Group, is a recognised supplier for bridge electronics and on-board maintenance services. The Group is completed by Palantir, which specialises in remote IT management solutions and IT services on board.

The expertise of the Marlink Group, combined with its strong satellite network operator and manufacturer partnerships as well as IT network expertise, enables it to bring the power of broadband communications, bridge and electronics technology and service excellence to customers globally, providing tailored connectivity solutions that enable both maritime and enterprise customers globally to digitalise their operations at sea and on land.

Today the Marlink Group has more than 800 employees worldwide and provides customers with unrivalled service and support through an enhanced global footprint and worldwide sales and service locations. A global 24/7 helpdesk, specialised competence centres, local presence on all continents and a network of 1250 service points and partners staffed by highly qualified, certified service engineers, supports global customers to operate their business in an ever smarter, safer and more profitable way. The Group is led by Erik Ceuppens as CEO.

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