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CopaSAT satellite terminal launched with Kymeta

(6 May 2019 - CopaSAT) Disruptive satcom on the move (SOTM) solution delivered through CopaSAT and Kymeta Corporation partnership brings connectivity to commercial and military vehicles and vessels that have, until now, been cut off.

The custom-engineered CopaSAT STORM delivers reliable tactical communications to small, fast-moving vehicles and vessels operating in remote, communications-severed and inhospitable environments.

“There are so many places, vehicles and vessels where you can’t use commercial off-the-shelf (COT) SATCOM solutions today. For example, MRZRs, 11-meter rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) and special operations craft,” says Steve Carpenter, General Manager, CopaSAT. “Legacy solutions don’t fit and cannot track fast enough to remain connected with a satellite while the vehicle or vessel is moving at high speed. This has always been a challenge. The CopaSAT STORM addresses the challenge, making all of these applications possible for the first time. It truly redefines situation awareness,” continues Carpenter.

“The CopaSAT team has built an impressive solution that meets the mission-critical situations its customers operate in,” says Paul Mattear, Vice President Business Development and Sales, Kymeta. “It is tremendously exciting to see Kymeta™ u7 satellite antenna technology being deployed in highly mobile environments to support data, voice and video across military and government applications that have never been connected before,” concludes Mattear.

The CopaSAT STORM is a mission-ready, ruggedized, fully-integrated Ku-band flat-panel terminal that includes a Kymeta u7 antenna, iDirect 950mp satellite router and a 25-Watt block upconverter (BUC). It is available in three different configurations including commercial, military and transportable. Advanced options are available that make it possible to add LTE capabilities, a Wi-Fi access point, MANET radio, NEWTEC modem, as well as numerous mounting options for MRZRs, vehicle luggage racks and more.

About CopaSAT

CopaSAT helps government and commercial organizations turn missions in some of the world’s most extreme and remote environments into realized objectives by providing reliable communication and power solutions.

CopaSAT professional services and AxialOne managed services employ professionals that understand mission critical because they have been deployed in the world’s most demanding missions. We partner with leading satellite operators, satellite service providers and satellite hardware manufacturers to deliver reliable communications on a global scale.

When commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), one-size-fits-all satellite communications services and solutions don’t meet your mission requirements and you require a custom engineered solution, that’s where we come in. We bring on-the-ground, real-world field experience to every engagement. We know mission critical because we have lived mission critical.

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