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FMC GlobalSat introduces bundled connectivity solutions for Latin American energy providers

(21 May 2019 - FMC GlobalSat) FMC GlobalSat is introducing its comprehensive broadband connectivity service to energy providers across Central and South America.

FMC GlobalSat delivers 4G wireless and satellite connectivity, hardware, software, and support services as a low-cost monthly fee. The service is perfectly suited for geographically remote installations, such as oil and gas refineries, renewable energy sites, solar power plants, and other production facilities.

FMC GlobalSat’s platform maintains HTS (High-Throughput Satellite) connectivity at all times and 4G wireless connections when available. The system automatically switches traffic to the path with the strongest signal without manual intervention. The 4G/LTSAT service combines all software, hardware, and network access into a single usage-based subscription model that is simple to deploy and cost-effective for many applications. The package includes the advanced Kymeta software-steered flat-panel antenna for satellite communication, providing reliable and cost-effective connectivity.

In addition, the system includes the FMC GlobalSat Customer Portal application, which gives operators access to essential information, including real-time data that impacts safety, efficiency, and customer service.

“Geographically remote energy production sites in Latin America, including wind, oil and gas, and solar installations, had few connectivity alternatives to the unreliable wireless, and excessively expensive satellite communications offerings that permeated the market,” explained Emmanuel Cotrel, chief executive officer of FMC GlobalSat. “FMC GlobalSat is redefining how energy producers in the region can leverage robust, secure, and cost-effective broadband connectivity at any facility—regardless of location. Our offering boasts a connection uptime well over 99 per cent, and at price points far lower than competing services. We expect that our compelling solution will resonate with energy providers across Latin America.”

About FMC GlobalSat

FMC GlobalSat is a global provider of best-in-class satellite and wireless solutions to geographically remote businesses that require reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. Partnering with major wireless carriers and satellite communications providers, FMC GlobalSat delivers a converged connectivity solution that incorporates 4G wireless solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks in more than 190 countries, and high-throughput satellite (HTS) communications. The company’s network incorporates Tier 1 carriers, and satellite infrastructure that includes 53 satellites, eight teleports, 20,000 miles of fiber optic cable, and a 24/7 enterprise-grade global technical support organization.