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Syrlinks keeps pace with OneWeb Satellites

(26 March 2020 - Syrlinks) On Saturday, March 21, OneWeb launched the third tranche of 34 satellites for its mega-constellation, with the objective to provide broadband Internet access for all.

The satellites were put into orbit by the Arianespace Soyouz rocket, where launch pad is located in Baikonur cosmodrome - Kazakhstan. OneWeb confirmed on Sunday the acquisition and operation of the 34 satellites.

As a reminder, a second launch of similar quantities was already and successfully performed in February 2020. OneWeb expects to create a constellation of 650 satellites with full deployment by 2021. The OneWeb constellation today is counting 74 satellites operating in orbit.

Syrlinks is supplying two key products: TT&C transceivers which allows satellites to be controlled from ground stations and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) at the input of the GPS receiver. Thanks to these major elements, communication link (ie more precisely Telecommand & Control), between each Spacecraft and the ground, is permitted. Syrlinks is supplying also crystal oscillator for other subsystems within the spacecraft.

The reasons behind this contract award is Syrlinks renown in space market, based in numerous expertise & success demonstrated over more than 25 years, such as design & manufacturing of efficient SWaP space subsystems, mastery of COTS & NEWSPACE quality level.

Mass production at Syrlinks: towards an industrial model

Airbus OneWeb Satellites relies on Syrlinks to produce more than 3,000 radiofrequency devices necessary for the operation of the constellation. To answer to this ambitious project, Syrlinks has adapted its manufacturing process to move towards a mass production model meeting the reliability & quality requirements of the space market. The company has also invested in additional laboratory instruments and in cutting-edge production tools.

Syrlinks rises to the challenge of sustained production for the OneWeb constellation

Thanks to the new capabilities implanted, Syrlinks manufactures several dozens of transceivers and low noise amplifiers each week. This new production rate has enabled the company to reach an important milestone in terms of organization and supply chain management. Syrlinks, now has a volume production capacity, and is able to respond to new opportunities in France and internationally.

About Syrlinks

Syrlinks designs, manufactures and markets high performance radiocommunication and geolocation equipment in the fields of space, defense, security and time-frequency. Its products are outstanding and internationally renowned for their robustness, their performance, their miniature size and their low energy consumption. Syrlinks works with prestigious clients and partners such as Airbus, Oneweb, the CNES (the French national agency for space studies), the European Space Agency (ESA), Thales Alenia Space, and Nexeya.

The company, founded in 2011 near Rennes, employs around a hundred people. Its leaders anticipate the recruitment of around twenty more staff in 2019.

For its first space contract, Syrlinks participated in 2012 in the development of the CNES Myriade Evolutions platform’s radio links for Earth observation missions. The popularity of Syrlinks was also based on the Rosetta space mission, initiated by the ESA, aimed at exploring Comet Tchouri. Syrlinks team designed and manufactured the wireless communication systems connecting the Rosetta probe to the Philae robot-lander.