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HawkEye Cluster 2 is on track for launch

(30 July 2020 - HawkEye 360) HawkEye 360 has announced that their second cluster of satellites, HawkEye Cluster 2, has recently completed environmental testing, keeping our satellites on schedule for launch later this year with the Spaceflight rideshare mission on a SpaceX Falcon 9.

hawkeye 3

By successfully completing this testing, it indicates that HawkEye Cluster 2 is prepared to withstand the different environmental elements in space. Cluster 2 will significantly enhance HawkEye 360's ability to support time sensitive global insights for a wide range of commercial and government customers.

Benefits of having HawkEye Cluster 2 in the constellation include:

  • Improved Capability: Cluster 2 satellites contain a new and improved, proprietary software-defined radio (SDR) that can tune to a wide range of frequencies capable of gathering higher-resolution signal data for rapid delivery of high-value global insights to customers.
  • Greater Accuracy: With powerful new on-board computing, the satellites can process the signal data faster resulting in significant improvements in precisely geolocating emitters, enabling customer tip-and-cue of EO or SAR for more comprehensive intelligence.
  • Simultaneous Collection: The satellites can simultaneously collect multiple signals for enhanced analytics and global monitoring of signal activity necessary to understand complex intelligence questions.
  • Revisit Rate: With Cluster 2 on orbit, the revisit rate decreases to 1-3 hours on average for anywhere on Earth. The revisit rate will decrease below an hour as we continue expanding the constellation in 2021 and 2022.