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Kymeta Government Solutions completes sea trials for U.S. government customer using KĀLO satellite internet service

(27 December 2017 - Kymeta) Kymeta announced today that its Kymeta Government Solutions (KGS) division has successfully completed month-long sea trials on small watercraft with a U.S. Government customer using Kymeta KĀLO satellite internet services bundled with Kymeta KyWay terminals.

Leveraging Kymeta KĀLO satellite internet services, powered by the IntelsatOne® Flex network and bundled with Kymeta KyWay terminals, Kymeta and the U.S. Government customer worked together to test Kymeta products and services on small boats. The trials were performed as the vessels moved from inland waterways to distances as far as 100 miles offshore, experiencing varying sea states and weather conditions. During the trial period, Kymeta’s U.S. Government customer remarked on the exceptional performance of both Kymeta’s KyWay terminal and KĀLO service.

Kymeta’s satellite connectivity data packages offer flexible options available in 1 GB to 80 GB per month plans. “Kymeta KĀLO services redefine government satellite connectivity,” said David Kervin, General Manager and Vice President, Kymeta Government Solutions. “KĀLO is a fully-provisioned, end-to-end connectivity solution which unlocks global, mobile access for government customers who have historically not had the flexibility, cost advantage and ease of acquisition KĀLO can provide.” KĀLO also provides additional benefits as a non-Committed Information Rate service. “KĀLO is ideal for training and other applications,” continued Kervin. “It is the ideal complement to the CIR satellite services already utilized by KGS global government customers and easily fits within many government users credit card budgets.”

The partnership between Kymeta and Intelsat is bringing mobile communications to places it has never been before, and unlocking new opportunities for customers around the world. “The mission-critical work of government customers demands fast, flexible and reliable broadband connectivity,” said Skot Butler, President, Intelsat General Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat. “Our partnership with Kymeta is driven by the desire to simplify and accelerate access to cost-effective connectivity to U.S. government customers wherever and whenever they need it. Kymeta KĀLO services deliver an innovative solution that can adapt to meet the emerging connectivity needs of government customers.”

About Kymeta

What’s the missing link to connecting billions of people to high-speed mobile access? Antennas. And Kymeta offers the world’s only commercially-viable electronically-scanning satellite antennas and terminals. Kymeta antennas and terminals deliver high-throughput communications for land, sea, and air, making mobile connectivity as available as a view of the sky. Plus, the world’s largest satellite operator, Intelsat, has joined forces with Kymeta to deliver KĀLO global access services that combine with Kymeta antennas and terminals to provide revolutionary mobile connectivity. Without Kymeta mTenna technology, connecting and staying connected to all those new satellites while on the move will be difficult, if not impossible.

About Kymeta Government Solutions

Kymeta Government Solutions is managed, led and staffed by those who understand both the distinct requirements of the government user community as well as the demanding environments where Kymeta solutions are deployed. We serve global government customers at the federal, state and local levels, always remaining cognizant that human lives often depend on the performance and reliability of our solutions.