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First RD-0124MS engine manufactured in Voronezh

(9 December 2020 - Roscosmos) The first mockup of the RD-0124MS rocket engine, developed for use in the Soyuz-5 perspective carrier rocket was built at Voronezh Rocket Engine Building Center (part of Roscosmos).

The manufactured model is intended for dynamic tests of the rocket stage being a milestone in the creation of the new space rocket complex. In parallel with the manufacturing of the first engine mockup, the Center is completing the assembly of an experimental installation, which includes an engine combustion chamber with a cylindrical nozzle. Its firing tests will take place early next year at the Voronezh firing stand.

Director of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau Sergey Kovalev: ‘For a year now, the employees of the Chemical Automatics Design Bureau and the Voronezh Mechanical Plant have been performing production tasks as a single team. Despite the epidemiological situation, we have maintained rhythm and dynamics in key areas, with the successful work continuation to create the RD-0124MS engine as an example. Building the first unit can be called the event of the year for our team. This is the first project in which we are implementing PLM-system - a complex of applied software to manage product lifecycle. It helps not only to integrate the work of designers in a digital 3D environment, but also provides further end-to-end automation of the technological preparation of production and the manufacture of developed parts and assemblies.’

Chemical Automatics Design Bureau Сhief Designer Viktor Gorokhov: ‘By the end of this year, we will finish developing the working design documentation for the engine. Technological development of manufacturing of its key units has already been carried out. In parallel, our enterprise is preparing production and testbed base for ground fire tests of experimental installations and RD-0124MS engines. Next year, we will have a large amount of work on this topic: to test an experimental setup with both a cylindrical nozzle and a full-size nozzle, to proceed with development tests of the engine, to ensure the manufacture of an engine for firing bench tests as part of the second stage of the launch vehicle. To do so, in 2020, we conducted serious design and technological training, so we are confident that the upcoming work will be completed in accordance with the approved schedule.’

The RD-0124MS rocket engine with a thrust of 60 tons in the void burns naphthyl and liquid oxygen fuel components and is intended to be used in the second stage of the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle. The engine consists of two blocks located on a common frame. Each of the blocks includes two combustion chambers. The engine allows swinging of the chambers in two planes, as well as work when one of the units is turned off.

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