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Ultra-wideband satellite antenna from Flexitech Aerospace

(6 January 2021 - Flexitech) Following the success of the Flexitech Aerospace range of ultra-wideband antennas, with many now on current satellites, a new lower frequency antenna has been added to the range.

The new antenna model, CBS 8-12, provides continuous coverage from 800MHz to 12GHz in a small volume suited to small satellites. Measuring 14cm by 7cm, with a 714g mass, the antenna provides excellent RF performance with a hemispheric pattern and has a single SMA connector.

ultra 1

CBS 8-12 800MHz to 12GHz Ultra-wideband Antenna (courtesy: Flexitech)

For applications where coverage of L, S and X and Ku-band is required, it provides a single antenna solution. This antenna provides a low frequency option but with coverage up to Ku-Band for satellite applications such as spectrum surveys, geo location and multiband communications payloads in a low mass, small size package.

About Flexitech Aerospace

Flexitech Aerospace is an RF engineering company providing analysis, design and manufacturing of satellite RF communications systems and components. Located in Orlando, FL, Flexitech Aerospace has developed and manufactured a wide range of RF systems and components many of which have achieved TRL9. This includes large deployable helical, Yagi and dipole antenna designs successfully deployed and currently in orbit as well as omni coverage antennas for TT&C and multiband operations.

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