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Anywaves partners with Loft Orbital

(16 March 2021 - Anywaves, Loft Orbital) The Franco-American company Loft Orbital has enlisted Anywaves to carry the French manufacturer S-band antenna onboard the YAM-3 microsatellite.

Scheduled to fly on a SpaceX Falcon 9 in June 2021, this first collaboration between the two space actors establishes the foundations of a strong and long-term partnership.

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(courtesy: Anywaves, Loft Orbital)

In early March, Nicolas Capet, Anywaves’ CEO, and Antoine de Chassy, Loft Orbital’ s Co-founder and President, signed a partnership agreement at Anywaves’ headquarters.

In addition to the delivery of two space antennas in an especially short timeline of one week, this first step exemplifies both companies’ willingness to enter into a strong partnership, with long-term prospects.

According to Nicolas Capet , Anywaves’ CEO, "It is a huge step having this level of confidence from one of our major customers. This is also an opportunity for significant commercial and business development between our two companies."

"The meaning of this partnership with Anywaves stems from an intimate knowledge of the technology," said Loft Orbital Co-founder and President Antoine de Chassy. "Each of us focuses on their area of expertise and that is how we can bring the cost and delays down which is exactly what the customers want right now."

YAM-3, short for "Yet Another Mission", will fly various payloads for multiple customers’ missions such as precision positioning, earth observation and IoT; which is the mission addressed by Anywaves’ antennas after this upcoming June launch.

About Anywaves

Anywaves, a CNES (French Space Agency) spin off created in 2017, develops revolutionary antennas for the satellites constellations market.

Based on a breakthrough technology and an expert team , Anywaves designs and manufactures according to space standards a new generation of high quality antennas , on demand or off-the-shelf.

Unique European "pure player" antenna equipment manufacturer, Anywaves has tripled its work force within two years, put five of its products into orbit since its inception, sold more than 60 antennas and reached a 1-million euro turn-over in 2020.

Based in Toulouse (France), the European Space capital, the company aims to become the leader of miniature antennas for critical systems.

Anywaves is also one of the founding members of Newspace Factory , a collective hub of companies from the Aerospace Valley cluster which gathers 11 very talented French SMEs and through focused export activities aims to support the development of the New Space market and to stimulate growth of the industrial sector.

About Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital deploys and operates space infrastructure as a service, providing rapid, reliable, and simplified access to orbit for customer payloads. The company has developed the Payload Hub, a hardware and software interface which enables Loft Orbital to fly dedicated missions or multiple customer payloads simultaneously on a standard satellite bus design. The Payload Hub is a modular, bus agnostic and payload agnostic interface adapter that allows a plug-and-play approach to satellite missions. Together with Loft Orbital’s Cockpit Mission Control System, it is able to deliver unprecedented speed-to-orbit without compromising reliability or schedule for even the most demanding customer payloads. Loft Orbital has three missions planned for 2021, and quarterly missions in 2022.

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