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Paradigm revolutionises ease of network switching with enhanced PIM950

(1 April 2021 - Paradigm) The first interface to switch between Velocity and Evolution satellite networks both ways, at the click of a button, has been developed by Paradigm, taking operational agility to a whole new level.

Certified on all major satellites, the PIM950 enables non-technical users to confidently switch between Velocity and Evolution networks, without any change of hardware or configuration in the field, simplifying the user experience.

In contrast to legacy options that restrict users’ access to features and require complex manual reconfiguration on-site to switch networks, the PIM950 is preconfigured with both network options, providing the flexibility to jump between the two quickly.

paradigm 1

HORNET950 (courtesy: Paradigm)

The development significantly increases flexibility for users who need quick access to operational alternatives and redundancy, without a dependency on technical expertise. Supported on all iDirect-based satellite networks and recently certified by Inmarsat Global Xpress, operatives can connect wherever they are in the world.

Paradigm’s General Manager, Jon Godfrey, comments ‘The Paradigm Interface Module (PIM) has led the industry’s advance towards more intuitive, simple user interfaces, through its integration of modem, router, satellite alignment tool, management and power distribution. The fact that it’s modem- and terminal-agnostic ensures end-user flexibility. The ability to quickly and simply switch between networks in the field, is a natural extension to this capability.’

The PIM’s portability and ruggedness are field-proven by military, government, special forces and intelligence agencies. Godfrey continues ‘The high demand from military sectors in particular, has focused our engineering on solutions that balance flexibility and performance. Not only does the PIM950 make it extremely easy to switch between networks in the field but, with TRANSEC/FIPS140-2 capability, operatives can do so with certainty of security. Essentially, our objective is to give users confidence. We do that by making the world’s most advanced satcom simple to use.’

About Paradigm

Paradigm makes the world’s most advanced satcom simple to use. Paradigm’s range of portable, rapidly deployable terminals are complemented by the PIM user interface, a rugged, easy to use platform that’s compatible with all major modems, terminals and networks.

Paradigm’s unrivalled response time and flexibility have satisfied the most demanding of end user requirements across military, government, NGO, commercial and enterprise clients for 25 years. Exceptional levels of reliability and adaptability make Paradigm the natural satcom partner for those operating in critical conditions.

UK-based and privately owned, Paradigm owns Europe’s largest satcom warehouse. This extensive logistics capability supports the delivery of efficient, cost-effective solutions across the globe, from individual component orders to the design and manufacture of complete turnkey solutions.