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Durjoy Mazumdar to lead Spire’s weather business

(1 April 2021 - Spire Global) Spire Global announced today that Durjoy Mazumdar, the former Global Head of Enterprise Sales at The Weather Company, an IBM Business, has joined Spire as Sales Executive of Weather Solutions.

Mr. Mazumdar will report to John Lusk, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Spire’s Global Data Services division.

“The addition of an industry leader like Durjoy is an important step in executing on our growth strategy across key verticals and geographies. We believe his experience and expertise will help us accelerate our sales and marketing efforts and drive continued product development across our weather segment, further strengthening our competitive advantage,” commented Peter Platzer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spire.

Spire produces precise atmospheric radio occultation measurements, which can drive valuable weather prediction services. Collecting satellite AIS, satellite ADS-B, and RO weather data, Spire’s space-based data can be combined and easily integrated into customers’ existing models and data systems to achieve a wide swath of weather-impacted business objectives.

Spire’s weather program is currently focused on developing its presence in five key markets:

  • Renewable Energy, enabling customers to provide accurate forecasts offshore where a wind farm might be, as well as offering applications for potential use by solar companies;
  • Aviation, enabling airlines and aircraft to minimize contrails pollution and delivering efficient flight paths at high altitude;
  • Maritime, helping vessel operators reduce fuel usage, assisting in better route planning and helping to lower the risk of injuries and damages due to inclement weather;
  • Wildfires, as Spire’s global coverage is strategically positioned to identify fires which typically start in remote, otherwise under-observed areas; and
  • Agriculture, providing data that can inform farmers of when or how to irrigate, when to apply pesticides, and ultimately helping to maximize the yield of a crop.

“Weather impacts every decision a consumer makes each day, including which car a suburban resident might drive, when they turn on their air conditioner, what ads they see on television, and what day of the year they start drinking iced coffee, and these patterns play out on a larger scale and with greater import for our target markets of renewables, aviation, maritime, wildfires and agriculture,” Mr. Mazumdar commented. “There are many potential use cases for our space-based weather data services. Leading Spire’s weather efforts, I am working to advance our offering of valuable and business-oriented weather prediction solutions to our core markets, ensure we are building the specific products that will best serve these markets, and identify new regions and opportunities for expansion and future growth.”

“Our Global Data Services business has the opportunity to penetrate what we believe is an approximately $91 billion opportunity by 2025E across weather, aviation, orbital services, and maritime,” said Mr. Lusk. “Durjoy is a valuable and welcome addition to the Spire team as we build out our weather segment to identify new use cases and deliver traction with customers.”

Mr. Mazumdar brings a wealth of experience to Spire. Mr. Mazumdar was most recently the Global Head of Enterprise Sales at The Weather Company, an IBM Business. Mr. Mazumdar was previously VP of Sales, Americas at Enterprise DB; North American Vice President for Storage at Oracle; and served as North American Sales Manager at Sun Microsystems. Mr. Mazumdar graduated with a B.A. in environmental studies, computer science, and geology at Macalester College.

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