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C-COM completes integration with SpaceBridge U7400 Professional Mobility/Trunking VSAT Router

(13 April 2021 - C-COM) C-COM Satellite Systems announced today that it has completed integration of the SpaceBridge U7400 Professional Modem Series for Mobility/Trunking VSAT Router with its iNetVu antenna controllers.

The latest SpaceBridge VSAT networking platform, which encompasses several new modems, is now fully compatible with all C-COM Flyaway and Driveaway antenna systems.

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C-COM iNetVu Ka-98G with 7710 Controller and SpaceBridge U7400 Router (courtesy: C-COM)

Using the SpaceBridge U7400 VSAT router and testing for satellite acquisition, C-COM’s 98cm Ka-band driveaway antenna system configured with the iNetVu 7710 controller, was able to seamlessly acquire satellite in under 2 minutes.

C-COM’s ‘Best in Class’ antenna controllers offer interoperability with 15 different modem manufacturers and with more than 37 different models.

“We are happy to add the SpaceBridge U7400 highly advanced networking platform to our list of integrated and supported VSAT modems.” said Leslie Klein, President & CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc.

“C-COM is a valued partner that we enjoy collaborating with. The SpaceBridge U7400 Professional Modem Series with our unique WaveSwitch multiple waveform switching capabilities, provides the versatility needed to succeed in mobile communication transition between MFTDMA and SCPC over a single Modem.” commented David Gelerman, President & CEO of SpaceBridge.

The interoperability of the SpaceBridge U7400 Professional Modem Series, with its OpenAMIP supported capabilities and its integration with C-COM’s antenna systems, enables users to leverage high performing, efficient and reliable connectivity solutions for demanding mobility applications.

C-COM mobile antennas with iNetVu controllers, compatible with U7400 series VSAT L3 Switches, are available for immediate delivery.

About C-COM Satellite Systems

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a pioneer and leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of transportable and mobile satellite-based antenna systems for commercial markets. The Company has developed proprietary, auto-acquisition controller technology for rapid antenna pointing to a satellite with just the press of a button, enabling Broadband Internet via Satellite across a wide range of market applications worldwide, including regions unserved or underserved by terrestrial access technologies.

C-COM has sold more than 8,500 antenna systems, in over 100 countries, through a dedicated dealer network that provides service to a wide range of vertical markets such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications, Cellular Backhaul, Telemedicine, Mobile Education, Government Services, Mobile Banking, and others. The Company’s iNetVu® brand is synonymous with high quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

C-COM is in late stage development of a potentially revolutionary Ka-band, electronically steerable, modular, conformal, flat panel phased array antenna. In cooperation with the University of Waterloo, C-COM is engaged in the design of this unique antenna with the intent of providing low-cost, high-throughput mobility applications over satellite for land, airborne and maritime verticals.