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The new dimension in redundancy control: ND SATCOM’s RCU 6000

(20 April 2021 - ND SATCOM) ND SATCOM has announced its new redundancy controller unit RCU 6000.

Offering a highly intuitive user interface to manage all functionalities – from various base band encoders to multiple HPAs with all switch elements – the RCU 6000 represents ND SATCOM’s ongoing commitment to superior mission-critical performance and reliability.

The new RCU 6000 2U unit has plenty of physical interfaces to not only control a 1:1 WGS system but also – and easily – 6:1 redundant uplink chains or more. The reliability of the RCU 6000 with fanless operation and redundant AC supply is the foundation for failsafe ground systems.

“With the RCU 6000, ND SATCOM strengthens its innovative product portfolio. The RCU 6000 is German-engineered, German-made, and ready for rapid customisations”, said Bernd Lehr, Head of Sales at ND SATCOM. “In the broadcast ground station business, the new RCU 6000 helps to control more uplink components while concurrently performing more complex control tasks to minimise uplink outages. Customers can reduce station costs with less rack space and less dissipated heat, and benefit from economical cabling. This combination of exceptional quality, flexibility and cost savings are what our customers seek in failsafe operations.”

The powerful new RCU 6000 features improved usability via “live view” WebUI and touchscreen. “The modern GUIs assist all engineers to quickly install complex uplinks. Selection of a specific uplink chain design is as easy as a parameter or switch command change, and are visualised in real-time,” stated Michael Weixler, ND SATCOM’s Head of Product Management. “Our unique GUI allows customers to deploy ‘out of the box’ and its clean design hides all the processing complexity. With RCU 6000 you can manage your ground station from your smartphone.”

Other highlights include more processing speed and the embedded Ethernet switch that avoids communication bottlenecks over legacy serial lines. All M&C protocols support new LAN based equipment. With additional customised processing tasks, the RCU 6000 is ready to connect any device up to 1Gbps for rapid Monitoring and Control. Additional interoperability means the RCU 6000 can even optionally control customers’ ND SATCOM SKYRAY antenna.

ND SatCom

With more than 30 years of experience in satellite communications, ND SATCOM is the world's leading supplier of satellite-based communications systems and ground stations and supports customers with critical operations anywhere in the world.

Customers in more than 130 countries have chosen ND SATCOM as a reliable source for high quality and secure solutions that include turnkey and customized systems. The company's innovative technologies are used globally by governments, the military, television and radio broadcasting, telecommunications and enterprises.

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