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Kratos delivers virtual machine-based satellite ground communications architecture for Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS)

(27 February 2018 - Kratos) Kratos RT Logic has delivered a virtual machine software satellite ground communications solution that commands the payload of the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) SATCOM satellites.

Boeing's Global SATCOM Configuration Control Element (GSCCE) Evolution program chose Kratos' virtual solution to replace an older command and control technology.

The delivery includes virtual machine software versions of Kratos' Front End Processor (vFEP) and Gateway (vGTW) systems. The vFEPs and vGTWs are installed and run in Virtual Machines (VMs) on customer supplied classified and unclassified commercial rack mounted blade servers. The delivery includes 40 vFEPs and 40 vGTW installations, enabling control of a fleet of up to 14 satellites from 5 operation centers supporting 28 separate command and control missions.

Kratos is leveraging its Information Assurance (IA) hardening service with their virtual machine software products to deliver an integrated security solution meeting the demanding requirements of DoD mission systems. The virtual architecture solution gives the power to control a fleet of satellites from multiple operation centers supporting separate command and control missions and also provides control and status of the KS-252 crypto on Boeing's GSCCE Evolution program.

"The move to a virtual machine-based architecture is part of Kratos' strategy to deliver resilient, cost-effective ground architectures that are more robust, provide for enhanced space situational awareness (SSA). It will support the Air Force's Space Enterprise Vision (SEV) with native compatibility for Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) and the Air Force's Enterprise Space Battle Management Command and Control system (BMC2) now being developed," said Frank Backes, VP of Business Development for Kratos RT Logic.

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